LENR and especially its commercialization is highly controversial which makes a quantitative sentiment analysis of those following this story a worthwhile endeavor.  But this also requires a very different blogging approach than the one I am taking when blogging about the far less contentious Quantum Computing revolution. In the latter case I am blatantly opinionated.

The way the story of LENR developed since the early cold fusion days puts any TV drama in its spot. Sometimes reality really beats fiction – although it is anything but clear that LENR will also beat science fiction.

The sociological aspects of this unfolding history are at least as fascinating as the (potentially moribund) technological ones. This blog will obviously focus on the former.

Although my day job allows me to use my technical marketing know-how I didn’t have a need or opportunity to design a survey since I left business school many years ago.  While it is fun to do this again – my methodology is probably anything but refined.  Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions with regards to polling technicalities in the Methodology section.



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