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Moving the Site

Just a quick housekeeping item:  In order to enable editable comments and because my ad free buy at expires this month, I will move the hosting of this blog. offers redirection at a reasonable price, so if everything goes to plan you will not notice much of a difference when coming to this blog, other than that comments will be editable like they used to be on ECN.


Food for Thought (if you want to believe)

Peter Gluck lays out the up-hill struggle that LENR is facing, based on the premise that the physics holds up.  If you a hard-core sceptic this will of course appear like a long-winded rationalization of the dismal state of affairs with regards to the commercialization of this technology . (h/t spacegoat)

Mea Culpa – spam filter was acting up

My apologizes to all who commented here recently and then had the comments disappear.  The spam filter was acting up and suppressed many comments from ECN regulars.  I restored them all now.

Update: Frank pointed out that his comments started being filtered out at the same time across multiple blogs. Here is what I suspect happened:

If an admin on any WordPress site, rather than deleting your comments, marked them as spam, then this feeds back into the Askimet database. (Askimet being the spam filter software owned and operated by the WordPress makers). Hence you’d be automatically filtered at every WordPress site that has this spam filter enabled (the default setting).

It is one thing to disallow some comments on your own blog, but marking something as spam, when it is not, has wider repercussions and is significantly more sinister.

New LENR Sentiment Survey

It has been a while since the last survey.  Judging from the traffic on LENR sites interest has somewhat abated, but there is still a captive audience.  If you still pay attention to this story then please take this quick five minutes survey.

New Defkalion Survey – Closed

Recently Defkalion stated that they completed independent testing of their Hyperion device. If you don’t know the company and are not familiar with their announced product, then please do not take part in this survey.

Otherwise please sacrifice 2 minutes and take the survey. Age is no longer a mandatory field to not force those who don’t like to divulge this information into making up a number. On the other hand, please provide this number if you are interested in finding out if age factors into how people gauge this issue.


Comment Thread – No Idea Why There are no Comments Showing

WordPress can be rather baffling.  I can enable comments on new post going forward but not on an existing one.  So leave comments here if you want to discuss the survey.

Update: Finally found the switch on to how to enable comments on an already existing post, but I think I will stick with this format for now.  It is more natural to leave comments at the end of an article than at the top. This counter-intuitive format is hard-wired in the WordPress theme that I picked, and as there are not many good ones that you can use for free, that’ll be the work-around for now.