Food for Thought (if you want to believe)

Peter Gluck lays out the up-hill struggle that LENR is facing, based on the premise that the physics holds up.  If you a hard-core sceptic this will of course appear like a long-winded rationalization of the dismal state of affairs with regards to the commercialization of this technology . (h/t spacegoat)


5 responses

  1. “…dismal state of affairs when it come to commercialization of this technology…”???

    There is NOTHING to commercialize, therefore the state of affair is perfectly fine as it stands now, for that technology.

  2. Yep. There is nothing – or at least nothing proven in any convincing way – and thus commercialization is a silly idea. Maybe if you told yourself often enough that proof has been solid ever since P&F’s first press conference, you can’t seriously stay in the “lets prove it” state and have to go on to considering commercialization as the next logical step – never realizing that the first step hasn’t been completed. I was totally stunned when Iwamura seriously proposed a program to use his technology to decontaminate soils around Fukujima. What did he expect? A multi-billion dollar experiment sucking the landscape through a giant membrane, measuring slightly less Cs afterwards (if measured in one particular lab by one particular scientist) and declaring it a worthwhile or even commercially viable endeavor?

  3. The comment I placed on ego out:

    Defkalion (DGT) stated above that “the only people that need to ‘believe’ and trust on what we do in R&D are our share holders and our industrial and scientific partners”.

    Given the article argues that LENR is in a scale-up or perish situation it is clear that it would be good if DGT were to stay silent until they have products for sale or scientific data on new physics. Good for their shareholders, good for their partners and good for LENR, which may perish if those with dramatic claims fail to deliver.

    Regarding posting anonymously, I thought this was an exchange for ideas, not a dating site. Anonymous is easier – less data entry to post and facilitates focus on ideas, not person.

    Regarding strategic principles, if claimants have harnessed such a generically important new energy phenomenon, then the only strategies that come to mind are :1. governments worldwide wasting * trillions* in new energy generation plant that is no longer viable 2.Strategies, through the use of abundant LENR energy, to improve health, food, water supply and conditions of the billions on this planet that are in miserable poverty.

  4. Since they derided the very reasonable question about the “7 well-known” organizations (which I did NOT post, BTW), they won’t be any more reasonable with your comment.

    This seems very much like a cult, and Peter Gluck seems to be one of their Gurus, with his “shut up and believe me” responses.

  5. For some strange reason, Peter Gluck believes Xanthoulis and Hadjichristos and he thinks they have some sort of secret evidence that is convincing. I think he’s basically honest but gullible. Like Lewan, Kullander and Essen. Well meaning but not the sharpest tools in the box.


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