LENR – Call for the Best Papers

Incendiary to conventional wisdom, but also real?

Update:  This overview of the field by Ed Storms presents what he obviously regards as the best LENR work.

Where there is lots of smoke, there isn’t necessarily a “new fire” (the latter a term Rossi emphatically embraced).  The failure of the (supposedly) commercial players to meet a single self-imposed deadline is certainly not helping the field, especially since many of it top proponents haven’t shied away from embracing Rossi.

So where does this leave this (still mostly ignored) fringe science? Any news that mainstream physics’ certainties are less well established than previously believed, e.g. such as the size of the proton, may give LENR enthusiasts hope. They may also take heart in the fact that an US Air Force report on Advanced Launch Concepts mentions LENR.  But in the end all this matters little if unusual LENR effects cannot be rigorously established through repeatable experiments.

To me one of the best aspects of ECN was detailed discussions of LENR papers in the comment sections.  My own limited experimental experiences consist of twenty year old mandatory lab time while pursuing my physics degree, and so it was very instructive to hear from commenters who apparently have quite a bit more experience in this regard.  So I invite anybody who still holds out on LENR to submit what experiments and papers they found most convincing.  My favorites are still Iwamura’s efforts, but I am aware that his papers are rather flawed as they don’t seem to properly account for the null hypothesis.

As to all the papers describing a heat effect, what I would really like to see is a comparison with the theoretical entropic heat that you’d expect if there was no abnormal effect.  Given todays computing powers, numerical simulations (e.g. this thesis paper for hydrogen gas loading) are not cost prohibitive and would go a long way to establish a proper baseline.

If there was a LENR paper out there, that goes this extra mile I’d be happy to learn about it.



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