And Another Milestone Passed …

Ecantnews regular, Frank, brought this to our attention:

The Dick Smith prize has expired yesterday, and nobody (Rossi, Defkalion, Celani, MFMP, Swartz, no one of Rossi’s secret clients …) has claimed the 1 Million. 

Another regular poster, i.e. DSM, set up Dick’s site and expressed at one point that he had high hopes that somebody would have come forward, but in the end Dick can keep his money and prove a point.


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  1. Oh shoot, did I miss the deadline?

  2. Oh wait… A million dollars barely buys you a house in Vancouver, BC… Wasn’t worth it, even, especially(?) for a crook… Or two, or three…

    1. Would have made for a downpayment though 🙂

      Too bad you missed the deadline, in my case the dog ate my LENR reactor.

      1. It would have been about the fame I guess, and a down payment but not for a house, but for the lawyers on retainers from then on, LOL!

        Alas, down deep, I am disappointed.

  3. Personally, I’d like to know what’s dsm’s opinion on General’s comment about Papp’s engine in the previous thread. (joking)

    1. Don’t poke a stick into a wasp nest….

  4. Drive-by cameo appearance.

    Face it. The Rossi and Defkalion story has petered out on the blogosphere.

    The eCat and it’s illegitimate stepchild Hyperion have gone the way of the hydrino, ORBO, EESU and other pseudoscientific hokum.

    It’s sometimes entertaining watching the antics over on ecatzoo. Some folks throw their own poop at the skeptics only to have it bounce off the windows and back in their faces. Some of the believers are doing reasonable impressions of skeptics.

    There’s a new Vortex site that isn’t worth going to.

    I fondly remember the early days on eCat News where the skeptics were few. One was banned, two others were censured. The site was rife with hope, faith and idiocy. The site’s fate is to fade away.

    1. Outside the asylum there is still some somewhat more justifiable hope in the overall reality of LENR, and I think if this site will have any purpose, then critically following this story unfold will be probably top of the list.

      1. Quax, so there is no hope in the asylum? I suspected there is something wrong about the place… Who’s that guy in white in the corner… Andrea?

    2. A change in name and you are still oblivious to the smell of you’re overconfident and worthless comments.

      1. That was a reply to thicket by the way

      2. Something has suddenly stunk up this forum.

        Oh! It’s you, lcd!

  5. Yeah that nobody believes its worth the trouble of signing up to his prize. Its really simple. If somebody has the goods then one million is not worth the trouble. Raise it to ten million and see what happens?

    1. Yeah that nobody believes its worth the trouble of signing up to his prize. Its really simple. If somebody has the goods then one million is not worth the trouble. Raise it to ten million and see what happens?

      Since they don’t have the goods, it doesn’t matter how much they are offered. They can’t show a working device because they don’t have one. All they have is a cheap fraud to collect money from gullible investors.

      Meanwhile, gullible True Believers continue to ignore the evidence.

      1. Take a class in deductive reasoning then post

      2. So, you’re suggesting that the same guy who supposedly had to sell his house to provide the money to have the University of Bologna test his device (which never happened), now turns down a million dollars for a day’s work.

        I’m not the one who needs help with his reasoning skills.

      3. LCD, dont you or didnt you think Rossi had the good?

        Im guessing you are like Ransom in that “you never thought he had anything” but you feel the arguments against Rossi, except your own, have been illogical.

      4. No bigw I just don’t deal in the ridiculous absolute terms that jm does without knowing all the facts.

      5. No bigw I just don’t deal in the ridiculous absolute terms that jm does without knowing all the facts.

        Rossi shill, Hank Mills, has published a story that Barack Obama traveled to Mars using some sort of “transporter” (a la Star Trek).

        I declare that account to be a complete fabrication without having all the facts. Perhaps you would wish to rudely insult me about my “absolute terms” with this story as well.

        If not, please explain why, other than wishful thinking on your part, why you aren’t giving the “Obama on Mars” story any less credence than the Rossi/E-Cat story?

      6. I will continue to let you make a fool of yourself and drink my coffee while I chuckle

  6. Another deadline passed… The first week of February is over. Where the f* is the “indipendent” hot cat report that was due October to begin with?

    1. Probably the same place as the reports from the “7 well-known” organizations DGE claimed tested their gadget a year ago.

      1. I wonder if they chose seven because it’s supposed to be a magic number…

    2. Well, you know, these “indie” things are always improvised… I’m sure a so-so movie will come out of it…

      1. Hey, you don’t mess with Napoleon Dynamite!

  7. Over on ecw people are spinning wild theories that the delay is due to peer reviewers wanting to see the miracle with their own eyes. No review process I’ve ever been involved in required such a charade. They review a paper – not join a religion. Anyway – Rossi can always blame it on his new (non existent) partner or the evil of main stream science suppressing cold fusion or just forget about it. Nobody will notice or care.

    1. It is amazing how long some folks can thrive on the same bullshit with just a dash of new seasoning added occasionally.

  8. Rossi better watch out! Here’s a “personal” nuclear reactor that “Now Available!”:

    1. This is hilarious! 🙂

  9. And here’s a actual investment scam, based on promised nuclear power plants. In spite of the absurdity of their claims, they managed to raise millions of dollars:

    1. … and this is rather sad. 😦

  10. In the context of “milestones passed” (and because the same comment got deleted on ecw), hereunder Rossi’s “roadmap” for 2012 (affirmed by Rossi 1 year ago) – so that everyone get’s an idea how much of Rossi’s plans and claims may get accomplished in 2013…

    Gediminas January 31st, 2012 at 7:34 AM:
    Dear Andrea Rossi
    Reading Your answers in blog and interviews in internet I created preliminary schedules of You main works for 2012 
    1. 2012 March, April – start of improved 1 Mw plant.
    2. 2012 from February till November – building of robotized plant for E cats.
    3. 2012 November – test production for 10 kw home Ecats.
    4. 2012 December – successful start of sales 10 kw home Ecats.
    Andrea Rossi January 31st, 2012 at 9:31 AM:
    Dear Gediminas,
    With the help of God yes, that is the roadmap.
    Warm Regards,

    1. It’s interesting to compare your list with the actual facts (i.e. not “Rossi Says”) that were produced in 2012:

      1. 2012 January — Video reveals that the “shipping container” E-Cat, which Rossi claimed was sold and “gone” was, in fact, still sitting in his garage. (and, as far as we know, is still sitting there). Only after this lie was exposed did Rossi change his story to “I have to fix leaky gaskets”.

      2. 2012 January — The University of Bologna issues a press release that they had cancelled their contract with Rossi, do to lack of payment, and that they had never done any independent testing, which directly contradicts numerous statements by Rossi throughout 2011.

      3. 2012 January — Rossi’s business site,, advertises the 1MW E-Cat, for sale immediately, with a 4-month delivery date (i.e. May, 2012).

      4. 2012 February — The details of Rossi’s dealings with NASA and Quantum are revealed. Rossi went from promising to pay NASA $50K to do a proper independent test to demanding $15 million from them to buy the gadget sight-unseen. Rossi is unable to show the E-Cat in a working state to NASA or Quantum.

      5. 2012 March — Gary Wright publishes the records of Rossi’s dealings with the nuclear regulatory agency for the State of Florida. They state that Rossi denied having any manufacturing in the United States. This directly contradicts his public statements at that time that he was manufacturing E-Cats in Florida.

      6. 2012 March — Two emails from Julia Betts, spokesperson for National Instruments make it clear that Rossi was never their customer and that they never worked on a controller for the E-Cat. Rossi had made numerous statements over a period of three months that NI was “working closely with his [secret] customer” and that they were working on a controller for him. After this story appeared, Rossi changed his story considerably, dropping all of his earlier claims.

      7. 2012 August, University of Bologna repeats their claim that they do not have a relationship with Rossi.

      8. 2012 September — HydroFusion reports that, as a prerequisite of receiving millions of dollars in funding, they hired the Swedish Standards Organization to perform an independent test of the E-Cat. The test results failed to show any excess heat.

      That’s what I remember off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ve missed some.

  11. […] bad that the Dick Smith price expired.  This brain child of George H. Miley seem almost custom designed to pass the Dick Smith test […]

  12. This comment from Rossi fits into the same category “only delays”

    February 15th, 2013 at 8:11 AM
    Dear Andrea Rossi,
    please could you give an update, are the third party tests of Hot-Cat (at today) completely ended or they are still in course?
    Thank you.
    Best Regards

    Andrea Rossi
    February 15th, 2013 at 9:08 AM
    Dear Franco:
    Still in course.
    I have been informed today that the third party tests will be completed in the third week of March.
    Warm Regards,

    Remember, only 10 days ago Rossi said…
    Andrea Rossi
    February 5th, 2013 at 3:09 AM
    Dear Michele Dalessandro:
    To make short a long story
    1- indipendent third party tests are in course, the publication will be probably made within February/March, indipendently from the results, on a scientific magazine after peer reviewing

    … and now he announces that only the tests to be finished in March, not to mention when ever a puplication suppose to happen.

  13. […] bad that the Dick Smith price expired.  This brain child of George H. Miley seem almost custom designed to pass the Dick Smith test […]


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