The long and sad death of

As the site has been left abandoned, it looks like this site will have to step up as a temporary home for the ragtag ecatnews community that keeps enjoying each others company.

This is a stock blog.  As such it does not allow for the kind of customizations of the comment system that this community was accustomed to.  I.e. here you have to get you comments right the first time, there’s no interface that allows for editing of comments, and since I don’t host the blog myself, I cannot change this.

Hence, if the lively ecatnews discussions will in fact migrate over here, I think this site will be only a stop-gap measure until I find the time to create something better. I.e. to get the comment editing functionality back and maybe also a customization that displays a user’s IP number – to alleviate concerns that the same person may impersonate several different users.

But getting back to the subject at hand: It seems that most posters have thoroughly soured on Rossi and Defkalion, but how is the believe in the reality of a genuine LENR effect holding up?  Maybe another micro poll is in order?

(Oh, and didn’t the general promise another tale?)


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  1. I attended the lecture of Prof Biberian in Eindhoven last Monday and I stay convinced (although cautious) that the LENR effect is real.

    1. Anything specific fueling your optimism or was it just the usual summary of stuff from the last two decades presented in a way making the unprepared listener feel that CF is real?

      1. Yes Jami, the usual stuff. Although Biberian was also presenting his own data and was confident he was measuring excess heat (be it in the milliwatt range).

      2. Our censor heavy friends at e-catworld have a blog post on Biberian’s talk. Seems he wisely stayed away from voicing an opinion on the commercial players.

        He published on LENR neutron flux observations and the “classic” Pd-H cells.

  2. Hello there friends. This place seems a little low on comments. Maybe a few pictures of naked women would attract more visitors.

    1. A certain young nemesis of yours has arrived with TV-Q almost as high as Jessica Alba… fret knot you ole coot!

  3. An alternative to photos of naked women would be to throw some gas on a fire and watch it burn. Since I wouldn’t know where to begin to find nude women on the internet, I will go with the arson approach.: the Papp engine and everyone associated with it is beyond any doubt an absolute fraud. Furthermore I think it is an insult to the word “engine” to put the name “Papp” in front of it, and that should become a bannabel offense in this discussion group.

    I tried to post a friendly hello over at ecatworld, my first comment there ever, but it is awaiting moderation. Sadly I don’t think they will tolerate the likes of me.

    1. General, I hoped I saw the last of you Well, i should have known better. How is life in the van by the river?

  4. General, your fire starting is a sure way to add warmth to a place. Maybe once everybody is gathered around the fire you may even treat us to one of your whimsical stories?

    Alas, when it comes to bannabel offenses I have to disappoint, as I try to emulate the best aspect of ecatnews and let the discussion role unperturbed (this lazy approach to moderation comes quite naturally to me).

    Unfortunately, I can also not provide the nudity. My host provider seems to be run by prudes who don’t like that kind of stuff. Rumours have it though that this kind of material exists on the Internet, but frankly I think it’s all a lie.

    1. My mother never believed me when she found my cache’ of “graphy” and I exclaimed, “Mom! Its art!” Now that im older and much more mature I don’t resort to such paltry pictorials. I now do my trolling in the dark, damp streets of my local inner city. And I can tell you the goings ons there are definitely not art.


  5. Just recognized – the Dick Smith prize has expired yesterday, and nobody (Rossi, Defkaliion, Celani, MFMP, Swartz, no one of Rossi’s secret clients …) has claimed the 1 Million…

    1. For a “True Believer” this is a victory for the LENR religion. No one has sullied themselves by actually showing their wonderful inventions to a “snake” such as Dick Smith.

      When you have *FAITH* you don’t need proof!

      1. Ah yes. Tired old hucksters like Smith and “Amazing Randy” have been retired to the Museum of Hazbins. 🙂

      2. Well, GreenWin – the Dick Smith prize offer must have been a real pain in the ass for Rossi and his associates. How to assert to the crowd that the e-cat claims are validated beyond any doubts, but at the same time refuse the 1 Mill. offer for a simple performance test (with a positive result) ?
        The far fetched excuse that Rossi will not take the challenge because the “millionaire clown” wants to steal Rossi’s secrets must have been the red flag for many of the primary e-cat believers … except the most gullible of the gullible ones.

    2. Thanks Frank! Elevated this to a new post. I think this news deserves its own thread, although this one has been hardly used yet.

    3. Well, to be fair to Celani, the MFMP, and (I think) Schwartz, they have never claimed anything that could warrant winning the prize.

  6. Gentlemen, hello! Happy New Year. Go 49ers! You can imagine my dismay when I went to ECN and found this disheartening post:

    “Nothing matters any more, DSM. This is the end.” JKW

    Fellas, cheer up. Quax here has provided a lovely new kvetchvenue and I expect uniform-stained Zarov, AlPretenza, Frank, and double-agent BigWilly will have a ball competing for the post of lowest amplitude! Keep the Faith… er, Agenda boys. There’s plenty of oil and this cold fusion thing’ll blow over soon!

    PS Willy, are you aware Zarov is a distant cousin?

    1. Welcome GreenWin. Wouldn’t be the same without you.

    2. Thanks GreenWin for your consolations. If not Rossi then Terawatt Research will surely save the world. Unlike DGT’s non-website, theirs looks exactly same as a year ago, and they have such a reputable board of trustees.

      1. You see. Terawatt actually WORKS. And that’s why they never had to change anything. Believe it already. And don’t ask why there is no Terawatt powered car on the market yet because that’s YOUR fault… not Greenwin’s.

    3. Hi Mr GW,

      Good to see you made an appearance. I did not know about you and Zarov being extended family. I hope thanksgiving dinners aren’t filled with pro/anti LENR rhetoric and instead good ol’ American gluttony.

      Thanks for the shout out also. I am a double agent. I unlike other posters am actually rooting against both sides. I want the meanies like Popeye and Jami to get their faces rubbed in Terrawatt’s immanent commercial success but I also want the earth to miss the photon sphere and the sea turtles of Saturn’s moon to not save humanity from evil paved road oligarchs.

      Could you update us on IGZ2013 schedule? We still on? If no i’m canceling my DVR.


      1. Willy, thank YOU for your cogent response! You did well to pick up on cousin Zarov! An old musician acquaintance wrote a lovely ditty called, “We Are All Martians, Be Proud.” The chorus, a squealy porcine sound, was sung in Martian dialect! As to Terrawatt, I am pleased y’all are still puzzled. Back channels whisper it’s a langley front for TR-3B EB propulsion. I hate these cockamaimi stories cause who at DCI would tolerate aliens? People without an anal pore?
        BTW, your road-hugger worries are unfounded! Long as there are ghosties in the pantry, they will trudge down the paved roads of happy of destiny!

      2. IGZ-2013 is right on schedule. Timed to premier same day as the ITER power up date! The ITER people are sure their schedule won’t be slipping further, and they said with all the extra cash from their 300% cost overrun – they’ll have a parade, with balloons! Doncha love hot fusion? “60 years without one watt.”

      3. Still indulging, Greenie?.. Would you care to translate your post to basic English in case your ECW friends inadvertently stumble upon us here?

      4. Well that is displeasing to hear about IGZ-2013. I had already purchased enough red vines to watch multiple seasons of the jerk faces swim from sharks.

        I would like to propose PGE-2100. I dont know exactly what the acronym is yet but the programming will be that when Hot fusion is finally vindicated from being smeared by the alarmist and mars constabularies, all deniers and ivory tower tasters will pay dearly. How? I don’t know. We have to watch to find out.

        Anyway, GW, I think you and I can agree that the new school anti-dogmatists are starting to getting antsy about the immanent hot fusion home products. I have been following a gentlemen who has a history of fraud but that tells me that his home reactor is definitely in course. What will the deniers say then?

        An exiting year ahead for sure.

        PGE-2100 “proven since long”

      5. Talking about delays – here Rossi’s latest news (and postponement) of the “third party indipendent validation test” [which will irrefutable proof the hot-cat by highest level university professors, probably attested by the Holy Father and the Dalai Lama …]

        Andrea Rossi
        February 5th, 2013 at 1:19 PM
        Dear Broenink:
        The third party indipendent validation tests have been funded directly by some of the Universities ( not Italian) which are making the tests. All the expenses for instrumentation, men hours, hotel, restaurants, taxi etc have been paid indipendently by the Entities who are making the indipendent validation. This is the reason why
        1- the report will be published indipendently from the results
        2- we cannot know anything of the date of the publication
        3- we do not know where the publication will be made
        4- we do not know exactly when the tests, that are still in the making, will be finished. Lately I have been informed that more tests will be made to be sure of the results, repeating again the tests.
        5- we can assist to the tests, but we cannot make any operation during the tests.
        6- the reason for which all these scientists are making these tests and for which their Universities are paying the expenses is merely scientific
        Thank you for your questions,
        Warm Regards,

      6. Does anyone remember when this testing was originally promised? How many times has Rossi delayed so far?

        And why are these Universities now willing to pay their own way to test his gadget when two years ago (back when he was impressing their credulous faculty with his dog & pony shows) they required $500K up front?

      7. And here another slip of the Rossi’s time-schedule:

        Andrea Rossi
        February 5th, 2013 at 3:09 AM
        Dear Michele Dalessandro:
        To make short a long story:
        1- indipendent third party tests are in course, the publication will be probably made within February/March, indipendently from the results, on a scientific magazine after peer reviewing
        2- we are manufacturing industrial plants, whose delivery is foreseen starting from March/April , together with our USA Partner
        3- we are focusing on Hot Cats ( E-Cats at high temperature) fueled by electric power or gas
        Warm Regards,

        Wasn’t a 1MW plant (open to “public” / selected visitors) promised for February?

        Btw: Is the hot-cat fueled by electric power or gas a Freudian slip?
        I remember the earlier claims that the hot-cat is fueled by Nickel and Hydrogen 😉

  7. One year ago today, DGE posted the following:

    So far we have received applications and we are in the process of preparing independent test with 7 well-known research centers and organizations from Greece and abroad.

    EcatNews covered this story, and there were lots of comments about whether these tests would prove conclusive or not.

    However, no one, not even the most jaded of skeptics, predicted that they would simply ignore this promise and that after a full year there would still be no evidence that there ever were “7 well-known research centers and organizations” or any actual independent testing.

    1. I disagree. IIRC, several skeptics predicted that nothing would come of it. Defkalion acts in every way like an investment fraud.

      1. Perhaps, but in my quick review of the comments I didn’t find anyone who specifically predicted that DGE would simply drop the whole thing and pretend that it never happened. Most of the comments were about how (or whether) DGE would fake the results.

        If someone did specifically suggest that DGE would simply pretend that they never made their “7 well-known organizations” promise, then they should step forward and take a bow for their foresight.


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