New Defkalion Survey – Closed

Recently Defkalion stated that they completed independent testing of their Hyperion device. If you don’t know the company and are not familiar with their announced product, then please do not take part in this survey.

Otherwise please sacrifice 2 minutes and take the survey. Age is no longer a mandatory field to not force those who don’t like to divulge this information into making up a number. On the other hand, please provide this number if you are interested in finding out if age factors into how people gauge this issue.



2 responses

  1. question about independent developement of Hyperion from e-cat is not so clear.
    I took it as, did they steal/copy the e-cat design.
    sure they get inspiration from same base, like pianteli, focardi, celani, and the same idea as e-cat (having something that works with ni+h hot gaz with N+ catalyst).

    1. Yes, that is how the question is intended. Maybe I should clarify this a bit more.


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