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WordPress can be rather baffling.  I can enable comments on new post going forward but not on an existing one.  So leave comments here if you want to discuss the survey.

Update: Finally found the switch on to how to enable comments on an already existing post, but I think I will stick with this format for now.  It is more natural to leave comments at the end of an article than at the top. This counter-intuitive format is hard-wired in the WordPress theme that I picked, and as there are not many good ones that you can use for free, that’ll be the work-around for now.


7 responses

  1. Pretty solid sounding deductions.
    Not to sure you can draw any gender based results considering only 4 ‘claimed’ they were female.

  2. You are certainly correct, gender based comparisons will not have any statistical significance.

    Was really surprised how extreme the distribution is. I expected significantly more guys based on the forum’s nicks but not to such an extend.

    Makes me wonder if more women are reading the headlines but won’t bother with the forum.

  3. I am disappointed in the skepticism displayed by this select group of people who are presumably more informed than the ordinary person on the subject. It seems obvious to me that both Rossi and Defkalion are legitimate in claiming they have working LENR generators with commercial COP.

    I guess it just shows the wisdom of Rossi at his first news conference and public demonstration in January of 2011 when he said the time for talk is over, and only successful commercialization will prove legitimacy.

    1. About Defkalion they have convinced me beyond the reasonable doubt.
      The hypothesis of them having no working reactor is lower than usual conspiracy theories… too hard to swallow. and their behavior is no surprise to me.

      I don’ believe in null hypothesis, even failure and fraud have to be explained.The least improbable hypothesis, is probably the good one.

      For Rossi he is not clear, but it is clear he is not a good engineer, he is sloppy with facts, measures, protocols, units, physic… some of his FAQ answers are mistakes. he talk too much, and have analyzed too few of the problem before talking. reverse of DGT.

      I won’t be surprised if, afraid of a visible failure, he frauded some of his demo, just to let him time to make it works better (longer in fact). But I is probable he have something interesting, and even probable that now it works well (because of THE CLIENT =/= NI).
      Defkalion behavior is totally coherent with that hypothesis. they see the reactor work, and rossi be incompetent and sloppy. they feel they could do better, faster, safer, cleaner, with a usual team of engineer. They were right.

      It is also clear to me that LENR as they seems to use is an easy technology to control.
      Provided the Ni+H gaz phase, activated by heat, works as said by piantelli/celani/focardi

      with the help of 5 of my former professors, telephone, internet, the university library, a few millions budget, and a big classroom of students, we can make it work in 1 year.
      anyway, DGT already told the key facts on their forum, and it could be twice faster.

      maybe I have an information advantage since I work for a big hybrid corp/agency, I know the state agent, and corp executive cowardliness. i’ve worked in applied research too, my wife worked in research then pass to politics, and feel that science is a good preparation for politic backstage battles. I’m an engineer with a wide culture in various scientific domain (QM, Nuke, epistemology), and good basics in technology (from semiconductors to IT and thermodynamic), so nothing I see is really alien (unlike many “free energy” device). Moreover climate science and finance modelization prepared me to understand dysfunction of science and collective delusion in well-funded consensus.

      the silence and ignorance of big corp and big agency is no surprise since their hierarchy structure prevent unexpected sensible information to reach the top. eg, my big bosses still invest billions in stupid projects and I will no more try to change their mind. Last time I moan about Internet bubble they fired the lab when the bubble collapsed as we said.
      I let them crash with “tritrisation” (CDO), and with renewables… only my colleagues know my heretic ideas, and they don’t transmit them.
      It is probably this kind of closed coward mind that asked Defkalion to close their forum, so that no leaks of success happens before all the coward executives protect their butts with a joint report.

      1. Kind of coincidental that Rossi claims to have this secret Italian sauce that maximizes the LENR reaction, getting a COP higher than we’ve yet seen, then starts working with Defkalion, and suddenly Defkalion comes out with a LENR generator getting a better COP than anyone. Might it have something to do with starting with Rossi’s formula that they learned while associated with him?

        If so, then that goes a long way toward endorsing Rossi’s legitimacy too. In fact, I think if you believe in Defkalion’s legitimacy, then you ought to believe in Rossi’s too.

      2. @Brad Arnold
        why is Rossi not proposing a better COP if he inspired DGT and DGT only copy.

        what is clear from the video comments is that DGT have tested many catalyst with a systematic procedure.

        the visible plan of DGT is to indistrialize and sell their machine, and even if they find/guess/steal the Rossi formula, they won’t take teh risk to have an IP/penal battle.

        DGT have better temperature, better COP, better stability…
        Rossi have only bad show, clear lies, credible fraud accusations…
        he seems late and trying to hide it

  4. “Why is Rossi not proposing a better COP if he inspired DGT and DGT only copy?”

    Because both Rossi and Defkalion have improved on Rossi’s origional design. Rossi has improved his LENR by doing away with the pressurized hydrogen tank connected to the reaction chamber, and Defkalion has improved by increasing the maximum temperature the LENR reaction is able to run at stable.

    Again, LENR has been proven in 100s of documented experiments, but not at a commercializable COP. Rossi first came out with a demonstrably improved LENR formula, then the only entity that has been able to reproduce his results Rossi “coincidentally” was working with.

    In my opinion, the fact that Defkalion has (seemingly) made more progress than Rossi just goes to show what will happen when LENR is proven commercializable, and deep pocketed resource rich corporations start R&D. BTW, don’t get me wrong, my loyalty is mankind, not Rossi or Defkalion – I say the important thing is proven commercialization ASAP, not who wins the race.

    All I’m saying is that the “coincidence” of first Rossi, then Defkalion is a stretch unless you judge that Defkalion ripped off Rossi’s secret Italian sauce. Whatever – they are both heros in my opinion. I bet (like an article citing a patient lawyer endorsed) LENR will be wild wild west, and nobody will get patient protection anytime soon, and maybe never. Both Rossi and Defkalion has a big head start manufacturing LENR generators – that is the reward for being among the first to have a commercializable LENR COP formula.


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