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Defkalion Survey Results

Only 67 counts this time. Mostly due to massively less participation in the anglo-saxon world (lost just shy of 30 votes – NZ dropped off the map and there was only one UK vote versus 10 in the previous survey).  This makes the poll demographic slightly less centered on the Western 1st world than before. There are also some new nations in the mix i.e. Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia (although one previous vote from China also went missing).

If you wonder where this data comes from as I did not ask participants about their nationality: This is based on IP identification and an automatic feature of I only learned about it after the first survey was completed.  So, to make up an example, if some random Dick Smith from Australia was travelling in Europe, but still partook in the poll, than this shows up as a vote from the country that he resided in at the time.

Although the smaller turn-out can have numerous reasons, I suppose it is due to decreasing interest in the Rossi/Defkalion story in the areas of the world where the story broke first and subsequently less traffic on the e-cat forums where I advertised the poll (mostly, but also as a first to a limited extend on  If any of the site admins want to comment on the traffic trends that they see, I think that’ll be illuminating.

Enough with the tea leaf reading here are the raw count results of the last poll:

Overall consistency is pretty good i.e. the Hyperion can only be truly LENR if Defkalion has the know‑how and if one expects results in 3 months then logically they will also be out within the larger time window.

Despite the bad press fall-out from closing their online forum, Defkalion has still a plurality of the votes in favor of them having LENR skills. But this does not fully translate into believe that the Hyperion is actually a LENR device.  The claimed very short development time for the Hyperion probably takes its toll there.

The believe into Defkalion erodes further when it comes to sharing their test results.  Only 5 voters (less than 7.5%) are certain to see test results within 3 months.  Giving Defkalion three months more time raises this number only fractionally and is balanced equally by the number of hard-core doubters who never expect to see any test results.

When asked to make a black or white call a small majority (55%) votes in favor of Defkalion’s ability to bring a product to the market.

Only members of this group where then asked to render another absolute judgment. The question if Defkalion developed their Hyperion independently of Rossi, is a measure for uncompromising trust placed into the company, as this is what they claim.

Even within the “believer” segment only a small group (slightly larger than those expecting test results within 6 months) believe Defkalion’s claim without reservations.

Knowing how rambunctious the debate at can become, I humbly submit to not use the knowledge that these true believers are in the minority, as a means to marginalize them even further. It takes a somewhat cynical outlook to recognize as well as assume fraudulent behaviour.  Those who believe without reservation typically do so because they entirely lack the capacity to any such deception, and find it inconceivable that others don’t.

On a somewhat related but personal note:  Although I made age non-mandatory I received one very puzzling entry.  It read: “100 (Sorry)“.

It seems very hard for me to believe that we have a 100 year old, Internet savy individual participating – but then again the world is a large and wondrous place.  If this wasn’t some compulsive joke or misunderstanding, then please leave a comment.


Comment Thread

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New Defkalion Survey – Closed

Recently Defkalion stated that they completed independent testing of their Hyperion device. If you don’t know the company and are not familiar with their announced product, then please do not take part in this survey.

Otherwise please sacrifice 2 minutes and take the survey. Age is no longer a mandatory field to not force those who don’t like to divulge this information into making up a number. On the other hand, please provide this number if you are interested in finding out if age factors into how people gauge this issue.


First LENR/e-cat Survey Released

This survey was open between Monday, Feb 27th and Friday, Mar 2nd and only advertised on the forum. From there 107 visitors responded.   Many thanks to everyone who did.  This is a pretty good sample size.  So without further ado here are the raw count results:

Even of those who believe in the e-cat only one individual thinks Rossi can deliver on time.  And although this individual is based in Europe given his posting location he does not believe in Rossi out of misplaced patriotism (i.e. the one 100% vote for the first statement did not originate in Italy).

Statement two is essentially a negation of the first one, and the good symmetry of the results indicates that people showed consistency in their judgment when filling out the survey.

The numbers for statement three are essentially a reflection on how the survey takers gauge Rossi’s truthfulness. While the scale is tipped in favor of skepticism this is still essentially a pretty even picture.

Interestingly this skepticism doesn’t carry over to how the majority assesses the likelihood of the e-cat showing a LENR effect.  In this sense the data represents those voices in the forum that support LENR but are highly critical of Rossi.

The numbers for the last question are to some extend at odds with the previous one as a handful of people apparently believe in an LENR effect in the e-cat, yet still consider there to be no excess energy. This overlap is pretty small though.

The demographics of the sample group is pretty interesting, too. When it comes to e-cat interest it’s a men’s world:

Makes me wonder if the rambunctious tone in the forum drives women away or simply is a consequence of the lopsided gender mix.

The interest is spread around the globe but clearly is a 1st world obsession:


This is a pretty old group even when throwing out the data points of the two self reported super-geezers who claimed to be 99 and 100 (sorry guys but I am not buying it :-))

There is more one can do with the data. In the next blog post I will examine if there are any differences in voting based on gender and territory.

Comment Thread – No Idea Why There are no Comments Showing

WordPress can be rather baffling.  I can enable comments on new post going forward but not on an existing one.  So leave comments here if you want to discuss the survey.

Update: Finally found the switch on to how to enable comments on an already existing post, but I think I will stick with this format for now.  It is more natural to leave comments at the end of an article than at the top. This counter-intuitive format is hard-wired in the WordPress theme that I picked, and as there are not many good ones that you can use for free, that’ll be the work-around for now.